Academic Services

Our students are able to earn academic credits while attending day treatment in our accredited school. Most enroll in a Strategies for Academic Success course along with a core or elective class

Discovery Academy

Discovery Academy has been in operation since 1989 providing education for at-risk teens. Learning from this model, Discovery Day Treatment is an accredited school with certified teachers to support students who either need assistance keeping current with classwork from their neighborhood school or with completing a digital portion of our academic blended learning model. Blended learning is a mix of digital program and direct teacher instruction that allows students to progress at their own pace while earning credits from our accredited school. We offer core subject area classes, as well as elective options, depending on student needs.

Prepare students to be healthy, engaged, productive learners and contributing members of their community

Strategies for Academic Success

To help our students discover their learning potential, Discovery Day Treatment offers a Strategies for Academic Success course to every student. This course offers a comprehensive analysis of different types of motivation, study habits, and learning styles, encouraging students to take control of their learning by exploring varying strategies for success. Students will learn strategies for taking high-quality notes, memorization techniques, test-taking strategies, benefits of visual aids, and reading techniques.