Dealing with Rebellious Teenager: Seven Positive Things You Can Do

Dealing with a rebellious teenager can be challenging. As a parent, you may feel frustrated and powerless. Unfortunately, teenagers don’t come with a user’s manual, but there are things you can do to help them through this challenging time. Here are the seven best tips to help you respond to a rebellious teenager:

1. Understand Why Teenagers Rebel

Understanding what makes teenagers rebellious can help you temper the frustrations of some of their defiance. So what makes teenagers so disrespectful and disobedient in the first place?

While rebellion has many causes, it might help you to know that it is a natural part of adolescent development. It is a time when teenagers test boundaries, feel increased pressure to fit in with their peers, and want to start developing their own sense of self and control.

Understand that some rebellion is a natural part of adolescence psychology. Knowing this can help you understand some behaviors and shape them in more positive ways.

2. Establish Rules and Consequences Together

Disciplining a defiant teenager who doesn’t seem to care about consequences is frustrating and scary. Parents can feel they are ineffective, and teens can feel punishments are arbitrary or excessive.

Working with your teenager to set reasonable boundaries can increase their cooperation in abiding by the rules they help set. Let them help create the rules that you expect them to follow. Invite them to explain why the rules are essential and establish appropriate consequences for broken rules.

This joint effort can give your teenager a sense of legitimate control while acknowledging their good behavior.

3. Consistently Enforce Boundaries

Even the best-behaved teen will push limits and boundaries. But all children, especially teens, need consistency in how rules are made and enforced. The consequences of breaking rules should be transparent and consistently applied so that your teen will always know what will happen.

Fair and consistently enforced consequences for rule-breaking let your teenager test limits while knowing that you care.

4. Know What to Ignore

Even if abiding by family rules, teens will push your patience. Understanding when to ignore something or let it slide will help you maintain your sanity. Finding ways to let the small things slide can let your teen feel they are gaining independence and have control over their lives.

5. Keep Communication Open

Teenagers often feel misunderstood and shut down when parents try talking to them. And parents don’t always know how to talk to their rebellious teenagers. You can keep lines of communication open by letting your teen do most of the talking. Simply listening to them can help them feel less pressured to share their thoughts and feelings.

6. Know That It’s Not Personal

Keeping a cool head when your teen is acting out is hard. Understanding that your teen is learning necessary behavioral skills and independence will help you not take things personally. Staying calm and respectful will set a good example, even in difficult times.

7. Find Support

While teens will be teens, there may be a point where what may have started as rebellion needs professional support. Out of control teenage rebellion lasting for more than six months or accompanied by substance abuse or mental health concerns may need professional support.

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