Our robust outpatient clinic services the community with individual, couples, and family therapy, and in addition, neurofeedback and medication management


Individuals and couples can receive 1-2 hours of psychotherapy with their therapist each week. Sessions can address the patient's needs as identified in the individualized treatment plan goals and objectives. Our therapists are trained to address issues associated with depression and other mood disorders, anxiety, ADHD, attachment, substance use, and related behavioral issues, in addition to couples and family therapy.


One form of Expressive Therapy provided at Discovery Day Treatment is sand tray therapy. Sand tray therapy is a nonverbal, therapeutic intervention that makes use of a sandbox, toy figures, and sometimes water, as communication tools to create scenes of miniature worlds that reflect a person’s inner thoughts, struggles, and concerns. This form of therapy is utilized along with individual and family talk therapy sessions.


Neurofeedback is a method that directly trains and improves brain function. Neurofeedback allows students to observe their brain in action from moment to moment and shows that information back to the student. The student can then change their brain activity to more appropriate patterns. This is done by placing a band or electrodes on the head to monitor different parts of the brain. Then, through audio or visual feedback, students can see how their brain reacts to different prompts. Neurofeedback addresses problems of brain dysregulation associated with anxiety, depression, sleep, PTSD, and ADHD.